Interactive data visualization and storytelling

Price: Freemium (Public projects for free, private projects from $69/month)
License: Commercial
Skill level: 🏋️‍♀️ Trained end-user


Flourish Studio is a powerful online data visualization tool. This software can be used to produce a wide array of both static and dynamic visualizations, including scatter plots, basic charts, projection maps, network graphs, bar chart races, and more.

Flourish offers both free and paid options. Flourish Public is free to use, but your data and visualizations are publicly accessible. As such, if using Flourish Public, consider redacting or removing any sensitive information, and be sure you have rights and permissions to upload the data you're using. If you find you need the confidentiality of a paid personal plan, contact Flourish regarding their academic discount plans.


Creating awesome map data visualizations using Flourish Studio