Interactive timeline, mind-mapping and presentation tool

Price: Freemium (Free for 1 private project, education discounts available for subscriptions)
Skill level: 👩‍💻 End-user

ClioVis combines the best features of digital timeline, mind-mapping, and presentation software to help you make analytical connections.


Perform and visualize complex network analysis.

Advanced students can use ClioVis to assemble and visualize network analysis for dissertations and long-term research projects.

Build large timelines to synthesize your research material.

ClioVis is particularly adept at organizing large datasets into visually useful configurations. Researchers can use it both to store information and to uncover connections or trends in their data. ClioVis is also an ideal tool for genealogists looking to create visually appealing timelines for family or community genealogy projects.

Share your work online and at conferences.

ClioVis projects can be embedded as interactive timelines, making them ideal enhancements for your e-portfolio. The built-in presentation mode allows you to project your work to an audience in an interactive format that avoids the usual static PowerPoint routine.